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In the event that the parties cannot agree outside the courts (out-of-court settlement) on the choice of an expert in real estate, the Court can take the so-called Oath ad hoc in the respective proceedings.

From practice

This practice has been successfully carried out in Austria for several years. And this we can confirm and demonstrate, since we carry out our expert report activity also in this country.
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“Real estate experts sworn and appointed publicly generally needs 4-20 weeks to prepare and submit a real estate appraisal report.”

“Settlement of marital property and inheritance often takes months or years in Germany.” Managing the modality of Oath ad hoc allows Garthe Immobilienbewertung GmbH to ensure that in maximum 14 days, the Court or the parties will have in their possession between two or four copies of the report of real estate valuation.

The fees are agreed in advance and will correspond to a fixed price (all inclusive).

Public oath Lawyer service and legal advice

This saves time and money.

We will be happy to send you a sample of a real estate appraisal report free of charge.

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