Real estate valuations

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Valuation, establishing of the market value and appraisals


Valuation of land and real estate

  • Unbuilt land
  • Plots with single-family and multi-family houses
  • Residential and commercial properties
  • Leisure grounds
  • Commercial and industrial land
  • Apartments

Establish of the market value of rights and financial charges

  • Land rights
  • Leasing rights
  • Use rights or limitations of real property rights
  • Usufruct
  • Easements and other legal restrictions on property
  • Superstructures
  • Emergency route


  • In redevelopment and development areas
  • To plan damages and compensation for expropriation
  • For properties under the Historical Heritage Conservation Law.
  • In divorce proceedings to determine the community
  • In case of disputes over the liquidation of successions, for example, to claim the rights of legitimacy
  • To verify the plausibility of property valuation reports made by external entities
  • For real estate and insolvency managers with a real estate connection
  • For caregivers and guardians related to the management of real estate
  • In accordance with the law of legal adjustment in real estate
  • In accordance with the traffic area adjustment law
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